Company Profile

We are a Canadian company and more Export- oriented to the Procurement and Export of Manufacturers Raw materials, Technical Equipment's & Projects for our clients around the world.

Our group has two divisions.

One that deals in Import & Export Procurements and the other that deals with Industrial, Safety, Material Handling, Fasteners & Welding Products - supplying Canadian Manufacturers with OEM and after-market Industrial Supplies.

We are successful Importers & Exporters, with an established base in Canada. We have an excellent reputation for quality and products that are in demand in the Domestic market and therefore have also found a niche in foreign markets.

We form Partnerships and Alliances with many Domestic and Foreign companies. Partnering with a foreign company can provide the expertise, technology, capital or market access that one might not be able to afford on its own.

We are currently collaborating with many Manufacturers who choose to Export through an intermediary, such as Canbrit. Depending on the arrangement, we can do the leg work for you; arrange Partnerships, Alliances, Distributors and Customers for your products around the World.

A number of internal and external factors contribute to the success of our Company's Export operations, these include:

  • Strong domestic business base.
  • We recognize the importance of expanding our trading partnerships and lucrative business opportunities around the world.
  • We've been at it for a long time and have a well-earned Global reputation.
  • An allocation of sufficient company resources and personnel.
  • Sound business plan with a realistic time frame for Export Market Development.
  • A well-designed, consistently high-quality product/service that meets the quality and performance standards applicable in the target export market.
  • Product & Service that meets the often diverse requirements of foreign customers.
  • Product & Service that sells at a competitive price and is delivered on time.
  • Product & Service that can be fully supported with after sales service.
  • Help our clients stay ahead of the competition.